• Glass thickness 6, 8, 10 mm

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Line square 15×15
Mounting glass/wall 45°
Size 15 x 15 mm
Material stainless steel
Length 451 mm


A full Shower Screen Support Bar Set.

Designed for Glass Thick 6 – 10 mm (6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm), which is the most common Glass Thickness for Glass Shower Screen Thicknesses.

The 45 degree Wall Connector has been designed for a modern and aesthetic look, for cases when the adjacent side of the glass is further away from a wall, or there is an obstruction, such as shower components positioned above the Glass Shower Screen.

An Adjustable Glass Connector is also included, as the glass to the wall may not be perfectly perpendicular, or in most cases enables an easier fitting that would not require perfect positioning of the Wall Connector.

A 15 by 15 mm Square Polished Chrome design is a justified solution to a modern and aesthetic look.

The support bar is made of Stainless Steel Material, which is a strong and durable product and does not degrade upon exposure to high temperatures, water or the steam. It is also a rigid material that will make the usage of the Glass Shower Screen safe for the consumers, as it will firmly stabilise the elastic movements of the Glass Shower Screen minimising the risk of glass breakage.

451 mm length is a common standard length that is suitable for most Glass Shower Screen Applications.

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